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Kyogle Council Fawcetts Creek Embankment Stabilisation Works

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Kyogle Amphitheatre, Kyogle, NSW.

We started the Amphitheatre slip restoration works in October 2018 and finished the works February 2019.

The site was cleaned and stripped of any unnecessary overgrown weeds and vegetation, leaving a beautiful tree in the middle for local wildlife.

We moved a lot of dirt to get to the embankment then replaced the slip with selected fill, installed new drains and a large gabion mattress at the bottom of the slip to prevent further erosion.

During construction, locals would have been able to view the progress of the works from the walking paths which were wrapped with temporary fencing.

As an added bonus the construction of the Amphitheatre stage was in progress at the same time and we were able to help out with construction of the pad for the stage.


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